Popping the Question: “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

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Choosing your bridesmaids is never an easy task.You’ll have to decide how many bridesmaids to choose. You may have friends vying for a spot among the wedding party, or some may shy away with the belief that “once a bridesmaid never a bride”. You might know without question who will be the Maid of Honor or you might not know how to choose the right person. There is some simple etiquette to follow when asking your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding to ensure the experience is memorable for everyone. Most brides have between four and six bridesmaids. There is no law as to how many you must have; the decision is up to you. You may want to take into consideration how many groomsmen you will have, but many brides are opting for uneven wedding parties. When asking a friend to be a bridesmaid, a simple phone call won’t suffice. The girls you choose will be the ones helping you throughout the entire planning process. They are going to be there to give insight on decision making, calm your nerves on the big day, and be your shoulder to cry on in the days leading up to your wedding.

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You have to find the perfect time to pop the question. If you want to make your bridesmaids feel honored and special you probably shouldn’t ask her:

  • In a status update on Facebook
  • At the bar on karaoke night when both of you have had a little too much to drink.
  • After a fight with a bridesmaid leaving an opening in your wedding party.
  • Through text message, email, or any other impersonal method of communication.
  • At her wedding.
  • When you have just got news that she just broke up with her boyfriend.

If you really want to win over your bridesmaids, ask them in a way they’ll never forget. Some unique ideas include:

  • Give a gift.
    • If you have a wedding theme, this is the perfect opportunity to tie in your theme. You can have a framed photo of the two of you and a card attached asking them.
  • Send a card
    • This could be a great idea for out of town bridesmaids that you cannot ask in person.
  • Throw a small dinner party
    • Invite all the girls and announce it all at once. Handing out small gift bags with bridesmaid sashes and novelty buttons can be a fun way to get all your maids hyped up for the wedding.

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Picking a Maid of Honor is key! A Maid of Honor should be the lady you feel closest to. Don’t feel obligated to pick a family member. If you have a friend that fits the part better than a sibling, it is acceptable to ask your friend, but be sensitive to your sibling’s feelings. The Maid of Honor is traditionally expected to:

  • Keep in contact with bridesmaids and inform them about meetings, fittings and rehearsals
  • Pay for her own wedding day attire
  • Host a bridal shower
  • Arrange a bachelorette party
  • Assist the bride with dressing on the wedding day
  • Talk to and calm the bride’s nerves
  • Give a toast at the wedding reception.

Kick up your heels, and get excited! Get ready to have some fun with your leading ladies while you prepare for your wedding. Your wedding is a day you will cherish forever, what better way to celebrate that day then having your best friends by your side.

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