Choosing a Videographer

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If you haven’t chosen to have professional video coverage of your wedding, you should seriously rethink that decision. Once you’ve made the decision to hire a professional, hold interviews with several. Observe and ask questions.

- Has the video you are viewing been done with more than one camera? Your demonstration should include examples which help you to understand the difference between one and two camera coverage. Is the video you are viewing taken by the videographer who would cover your wedding?

- Observe how the camera covered the ceremony and reception. Coverage should flow with the proceedings, interacting with guests, not intruding. The technique should be smooth, not jerky – the scenes should not look contrived. Poor scenes should have been edited out.

- Experience and training: Ask how many years this person has been producing videos. How many weddings has he/she done (for payment – not family or friends) in the past year? Does he/she earn a significant portion of his income from this profession?

- Be sure there is a contract outlining all the responsibilities and costs. It should include, in writing, specific coverage that you want on the video. Expect to pay a deposit when you reserve the date; expect to be charged if you cancel.

- Ask what happens if a personal emergency arises for the videographer you’ve contracted. Most professionals network with others of comparable experience, so they will be able to assure you that their contract will be fulfilled.