Photography – Questions to Ask

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How long will the photographer be there?
Who will be there? Is there a backup photographer? Who is it?
What shots will be taken?
Who assists photographer in rounding up guests? Should you ask a family member or friend to assist them?
What do additional prints/reprints cost?
Do you get to keep all/some proofs?
When will the proofs be ready? How long will you have to decide on proofs
before placing order? How long do orders take to be filled?
Are you required to feed the photographer?
Are they familiar with the wedding and reception sites?
Who will check photography restrictions in the church during the ceremony?
What does the bridal package include?
Can one size photo be substituted for another?
Is there a bridal sitting fee? Location fee?
What are the payment arrangements?
How will photographer be dressed?
Are there any other restrictions in the contract you should know about?